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This  Wine  is  MINE !

“Kick-start your brain. New ideas come from watching something, talk to people, experimenting, asking questions and getting out of the office” (Steve Jobs)

Great stories are often born out of the vision of a project, bold choices, innovative ideas that find a tangible form passing through the sieve of the complexities that they imply, showing their extraordinary nature only at the end of the path.

Others are fruit of passion, of daily commitment, of the many experiences lived, of the desire to share what we know and have experienced.

My story is a fortunate combination of courage, commitment and feeling.

It all started 30 years ago. After a wine harvest made almost as a joke together with some friends, at a Gavi winery, I had the chance to enter the wine world by doing mainly administrative work.

I soon began to ask to do some work in the countryside and the in cellar, still unaware that it was the great passion that was rising in me, that made me longing for a full understanding of this world.

Just as a sprout draws from the surrounding environment what it needs to become a plant, so my professional growth made the most of what I learned, bringing me to the awareness of the respect that nature deserves.

Hence my choice to pursue organic and biodynamic farming methods. Respect for the environment and interaction with nature and its natural cycles have been crucial for choosing to undertake this new career path, both in the countryside and in wine production, under an ethic based on the principles of sustainability, environmental protection, of the organic vineyard and healthy and natural wine.

Today I have decided to make a good use of my experience, of my passion for wine and love for my territory, in favor of my new story.


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